The perfect fall shirt, Yu is crafted from 100% cotton for a rich feel and heavier weight.

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What's in a name?

The perfect fall shirt, Yu is crafted from 100% cotton for a rich feel and heavier weight.

Featuring a tonal, grey check design, this long sleeve sport shirt pulls style from rugged flannels and silhouette from refined sport shirts. Detailed with point collar and authentic Mother of Pearl buttons with gunmetal finish for a seamless look. Our signature, modern length allows for Yu to be un-tucked or tucked-in with equal charm.

  • Fabric from Egypt
  • 100% Cotton
  • Point Collar
  • Wash or Dry Clean

Did you know? We name every shirt after a real, unique individual. Whether it’s friends, family, customers, or photographers, fixture designers, factory artisans, investors, and more, each name represents a unique connection that has helped shape our brand.

The right fit is better than slim fit.

Our fit just, simply, works. And it's no wonder—we spent two years obsessing over every detail of our sport shirt. It's called the modern fit: an updated, sophisticated, flattering garment for every man.

  • Crucial top button positioned just-right, so you look good however you wear it.
  • Carefully designed collars in three shapes that won’t curl, wilt, or collapse.
  • Saggy sleeves are a downer, so we’ve trimmed them for a cleaner silhouette.
  • Signature v-shaped body with a broader chest, creating a naturally tailored fit.
  • Bed sheets begone! Our shirt tails fall at mid-back pocket to wear neatly untucked.
  • Thoughtfully resized cuff to comfortably accommodate your watch.

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