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What Makes Us Different

Innovative Design

After two years of product development, the resulting sport shirt became the very first cornerstone of our brand. From our clean silhouettes to the enhanced fabrication, our shirts just fit.

Signature Fit

An unconventional approach to fit made our brand unique from day one. With measurements from real men, we created our signature fit that remains the same to this day.

Enduring Quality

We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers to produce our shirts with the finest materials, allowing us to deliver one-of-a-kind garments that last.

“They have the casual side down and the dressier side down. It goes well with a lot of different things. Great products that I can wear with anything.

-Keaton from Seattle

“The fit is pretty simple and easy; it works for every single guy, it just fits! No matter what body type. It’s one of my favorite brands.”

-Josh from New York

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