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For us it started with the search for the perfect shirt. It’s the foundation of every guy’s wardrobe, but we couldn’t find one that felt right. That lead to countless trips around the world to the finest fabric mills and suppliers, years of fittings and wear-testing with everyone we know and scrutinizing every design detail from hem lengths to collar shapes.

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Innovative Construction

Our shirts feel and wear better than other button-ups because they aren’t like other button-ups. Whether it’s the size of the cuffs or the shape of the shoulders, we considered every stitch and seam to set ourselves apart.

A Comfortable Collar A Comfortable Collar
A Comfortable Collar

Precisely engineered to fit easily and naturally without twisting, bending or constraining your neck.

A Clean Shape A Clean Shape
A Clean Shape

We add a light interfacing or fusing to the seams in the armholes of our shirts to create a sharper shoulder line that won't wrinkle or pucker throughout the day.

Larger Cuffs Larger Cuffs
Larger Cuffs

A slightly more substantial shape with measurements specifically designed to compliment the proportions of modern watch faces.

Mother-of-Pearl Buttons Mother-of-Pearl Buttons
Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

Traditionally one of the hallmarks of the very best shirts, they have a deeper, more lustrous color than plastic buttons.

A Versatile Length A Versatile Length
A Versatile Length

The shorter hem of our shirts falls to the mid back pocket, cutting down on excess fabric when tucked in and allowing you to wear them untucked.

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"Zachary Prell is slowly but surely taking over my closet. Nothing compares to their quality and fit. The size and length of their shirts is perfect for all 6′ of me and all the compliments I get just make me want to buy more."